If you ask most pet owners, they would say their pets are their babies. Our pets deserve the highest quality of care and love that human can offer. Education helps owners and pet pros understand & communicate with the pets in their care. Pet first aid training can give you peace of mind that'll you will be able to recognize and help your pet should they experience a medical emergency.

Ready Pet Education believes that all pet owners and professionals should have a basic understanding of pet health emergencies. Our courses are designed to take you off the page and into the real world. Our content goes beyond just describing how to treat a condition & includes includes information such as:

1) how to identify when an emergency is happening

2) how to prevent it (if possible)

3) what to do when it happens

4) what to expect when arriving at the vet for treatment

Our courses are developed by a team of veterinary and first responder professionals with decades of experience. Our information is 100% veterinary verified to ensure it is accurate and up to date with the latest standards.

"Our facility had a dog go into cardiac arrest during group play. Because my staff receives frequent pet first aid & CPR training, they were able to swiftly recognize and treat the dog. Because they performed high-quality compressions, they were able to resuscitate this pup just outside the door of the vet clinic. Every doggy daycare needs to put their staff through Ready Pet Education's training!"

- BU

Pet First Aid & CPR Training

High quality pet first aid & CPR content for pet owners and working pet professionals. Each course is created for students to be able to immediately take their learning from the page (or screen) to the real world. Courses include case studies, examples, real world stories and checklists. Our content is updated annually by DVM's and complies with AAFAI's pet first aid content standards.

Emergency Preparedness for Pet Businesses

Pet services businesses face unique risks. Not only must you comply with regular business operations and safety standards, but have to plan for a variety of emergencies that occur with animals! Planning for evacuations, sheltering in place, communicating with owners and staff, & complying with OSHA or other laws can be overwhelming. We can help! Currently only available for in-person consulting. Online program coming soon!

Other Programs

We can also assist:

  • Veterinary teams with emergency planning and practice.
  • First responders, CERT & CART with response planning involving pet care facilities.
  • Non-profits & rescues with community preparedness and outreach.

Please contact us for more info!

Hi, I’m Maddie!

I'm the founder and lead instructor of Ready Pet Education! My career began working as a veterinary technician at general practice and emergency vet clinics. After eight years in veterinary medicine I became an NREMT-A/firefighter, and K9 handler for FEMA's USAR teams. I began teaching pet first aid in 2018 & has worked numerous pet-industry jobs such as daycare technician, bather, walker/hiker, pet sitter and more. I also have several years of pet services business management experience. 

I has a Bachelors Degree in Emergency Management & my other certifications include: PACCC CPACO, ACVECC BLS & ALS CPR, VTG T3C, FEMA IS-10a and many more. 

I am a member of IACP, WPA, & am pursuing additional industry certifications and a Masters in Emergency Management. 

About these certifications & memberships:

ACVECC CPR - https://veccs.org/recover-cpr/#

VTG - https://www.vettacgroup.com

PACCC - https://paccert.org

FEMA IS Courses - https://training.fema.gov/is

IACP - https://iacpdogs.org

WPA - https://www.worldpetassociation.org